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UFT528 fuel additive for heavy oil burned boilers
The additive, which is oiliness additive, is easily mixed with heavy oil Features and effect: a. It will result in a considerable decrease in the absolute amount of extraneous matters on heating surface within a Furnace b. It will prevent high temperature heating surface from being corroded c. It will suppress SO3 occured。 d. It will allow a long-term continuous operatio, while the boiler efficiency is being prevented from lowering e. It will allow an easy cleaning of boilers f. It will suppress and prevent clogging and corrosion at lower temperature portions, especially air preheater.

AMOT Control
AMOT provides the oil and gas , rail, marine, power generation and many other markets with tailored design solutions for the control and monitoring of process packages, engines, compressors and pumps The products are the total engine solution, they are as follows : Air/Gas shutoff valve, Temperature sensor, temperature switch, Vibration monitoring, speed valves & switches,bearing temperature detectors MPD metal particle detector & control, thermostatic valve, level switch, Fuel control valve, Pneumatic Panel Components,Pressure Sensors, Explosion-proof panel for Refinery, etc. For more information, please contact 02-2362-8189

Ceram-Kote Ceramic Composite Coating
The Ceram-Kote patented coating technology, ceramic particleloading, results from CERAM-KOTE Europe’s unique ability developed over fifteen years and the trial and error of thousands of formulas, Ceramic particle loading is the loading of a complex series of ceramic particles into a resin solution which causes the resin solution to out-perform its basic chemistry. Ceramic particle loading significantly enhances the dynamic chemical performance of the Ceram-Kote 2000 resin system, Total performance characteristics of Ceram-Kote 2000, both chemical and mechanical, are significantly better than liquid epoxy and other high performance coating systems. For more information, please contact 02-2362-8189

INFRAFONE SOOT CLEANING SYSTEM Low frequency 25Hz Low noise level: Below 80dB(A) Low air consumption: 4 ~ 25 Nm3/Hr. Operation during short intervals, four to seven seconds with a cycle time Operated by compressed air 6 ~ 8 bars Appication: Air preheater. Economizers. WHR-boilers after Diesel Engines. Refineries. Oil Fired Boilers. Bio Fired Boilers. Marine Vessels.
Advantages with Sonic Soot Cleaning: Increase availability and efficiency of the plant. Lower pressure drop will enable reduced fan power. No or reduced need of soot blowing. No or reduced need of water washing. Lower maintenance and operating costs than traditional soot blowers. Will not cause erosion or corrosion. Reduced damage of preheater seals and elements. Few spare parts due to reliable design.

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